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Unix and GNU/Linux

Origins and history of Unix. CTSS, BTS, Multics, ITS, Unix, C, BSD, Unix wars, Motif, CDE, GNU, Linux. AT&T, Bell Labs, CSRG, UCB, Sun Microsystems, Novell.

Original Unix, BSD, GNU, and Linux books, papers, videos, and similar materials.

Unix Infrastructure

Practical introduction to MIT Kerberos 5. KDC, kadmin.local, kadmin, PKINIT, exhaustive troubleshooting recipes.

Practical introduction to OpenLDAP. Slapd, slapd.conf, olc, slapd.d, cn=config, nsswitch.

OpenAFS – global, distributed, network filesystem from CMU. Practical installation. “Where ever you go, there you are”.


VMs, containers, Docker. Dockerfile, images, containers. Docker and docker-compose. Description and use.

Git (Version Control System)

Introduction to file versioning. History of version control tools SCCS, RCS, CVS, Subversion, BitKeeper, and Git. Funny story.

Git. Multiple repository origins. Projects mirrored at different hosting platforms.

OpenStreetMap (OSM)

Computer cartography. OpenStreetMap (OSM), Mapnik, Tirex. WMS, TMS, WMTS, KML, Slippy. Leaflet, OpenLayers, QGIS, Marble. iD, JOSM, Go Map!!, OsmAnd. GPS, GPX.

Computer cartography. OpenStreetMap (OSM), Leaflet, Slippy. Custom map viewer.

Computer cartography. OpenStreetMap (OSM), MapProxy. WMS, WMTS, Slippy, TMS, KML. Custom tile proxy and cache.


Your own blog like Hugo framework, minima-crystallabs theme. Clone and run. Quick success.

Lt1. Linux, GNU, diskless, single floppy, 1.44MB, 2MB flash RAM, ramdisk, rescue disk.